June 10 – Travels 

Early wake up today! 5:45!!! We made our way to the train station in Cerveteri then headed to the airport in Rome. Goodbye Italy, may we meet again! Amazingly, we found our way through the airport and to our gate with no mishaps – well Danika did get pay down again! The flight was fairly uneventful except for some turbulence on landing. Once the plane landed the excitement really hit me! I’m finally here, something out of a magazine – compared to Cerveteri anyway! We got settled in at our Air BnB and then took the train to the Acropolis station. We hit up the Acropolis museum and the agora today. The museum was really neat. The ground floor is glass and opens on to ancient ruins that you see as you walk over them! They’re opening up that site to visitors in a few months. You can’t take many photos in the museum but it is still worth the visit. All of the marble decoration from the Acropolis is located here. The remains made me catch my breath and there were some spectacular views of the Acropolis from the upper floors. 

After the museum we walked to the Agora. It turned out to be much smaller than I had imagined but i still loved every second of it! We’ve only been here a couple of hours and I’m already in love with Greece! We bought some pasta for dinner and made it at our BnB! Definitely in need of some rest before Delphi tomorrow!!

Under the Acropolis Musuem 

Temple of the Giants in the Agora


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